Learn by Listening

On the go—and on task

In law school, outlines are a fact of life. But sitting and staring at your outline is really not the best way to study it. 

OutlinesOutloud opens up the study experience by converting your study outlines to highly controllable spoken audio

This approach engages your brain with multiple learning styles: combining visual learning, in the creation of the outline, with auditory learning, in the repetition of it. 

OutlinesOutloud erases the hard boundaries between "studying" and just living your life, by delivering a  customizable audio experience that expands your learning environment to the bus, the beach, the line at the DMV, the gym, the coffee house—or anywhere life takes you. 

Full-featured playback

Super-flexible playback controls let you vary speech rate; jump forward and backward with ease, skip rows or whole sections, loop—and more!


Smooth rendition of outline form

OutlinesOutloud reads hierarchical information (with letter and numeral prefixes) in a natural way, and handles dates, date ranges, and a variety of symbols. 

Easy transfer from computer to iPhone

Importing outlines to your iPhone happens automatically using Dropbox. Or, you can simply email outlines to yourself and then, on your iPhone, use the Share button to import manually. 

No advertising

We're here to improve your study time, not distract you from it. 

No internet connection needed

Because all your imported outlines reside on your phone, you can study anywhere, anytime, even when there's no cell service—now that's mobile!