How Does it Work?

OutlinesOutloud takes you beyond the standard, passive study drill of listening to entire lectures. Instead, it activates a more engaging form of study—starting with content you created, distilled to a form you can immerse yourself in. 

OutlinesOutloud then gives you full control over how you experience the material and the freedom to do it whenever and wherever you want. Here's the process:

Create an outline on your Mac or PC. Use any outlining app or text editor. (Here's a list of our favorites and why they work the best.) 


Create an outline


Launch the App

Launch OutlinesOutloud on your iPhone. 

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Save the outline


Save the outline to a Dropbox folder. New outlines will upload instantly to your iPhone. Or, email it to yourself and use the Share button.



Choose your Outline

Select an outline to study. Locate and tap on your preferred outline to launch the audio.



Press Play

Play...and control the study experience. During playback, you can jump forward or back, skip 
sections, loop, or scroll to any part of the outline. 

Set Preferences


Customize your outline-specific preferences. Change speech rate, text colors, and the inclusion of prefixes before all, some, or none of the rows. 

Need to make changes? Edit outlines on your computer and re-save them to your OutlinesOutloud>Dropbox folder, or re-import using the Share button. The changes will appear as soon as you re-launch or refresh the OutlinesOutloud app. 

Introducing a text reader that  'gets' outline format!

Outlines are not like normal text. Listen to this standard text-to-speech conversion of this passage, then listen to how OutlinesOutloud handles the same text. 


Standard Text-to-Speech

OutlinesOutloud Conversion

Auditory learning is really for everyone

About 30% of people find it easier to take in information by hearing it spoken. These auditory learners may struggle with written notes or textbooks. For them, OutlinesOutloud is clearly made to order. 

In fact, though, studies have shown that all students—auditory and visual learners alike—seem to benefit most from mixed modality input, making OutlinesOutloud a great learning tool for everyone. 

OutlinesOutloud gives you a way to enhance your studying with an additional learning pathway, plus the flexibility to study practically anywhere!