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Your own lecture notes and outlines are your best study materials. But why chain yourself to a desk in the library? OutlinesOutloud translates your study outlines into a fully controllable audio experience that you can take anywhere!


The old law school paper chase: saddle sore and bleary-eyed,

churning through handwritten notes and outlines.

With OutlinesOutloud, studying gets mobile, immersing you in the materials you created.


"This is a great app for people on the go, and for people that learn well through listening. I use it all the time for memorization."  —adhartford

"Great study tool and so easy to use. We purchased this App for studying in the car on the way to school. Start to finish, it was easy to install and easy to input outlines. This App makes studying on the go a breeze."   —Zombies4temybrains

"This is exactly what I have been looking for..."   —Bigwj 

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